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Broadgreen Hospital

The largest ProCure 21 contract undertaken to date, the 25,000m³ redevelopment of Liverpool’s Broadgreen Hospital provides a Diagnostic and Treatment Centre and a Cardiothoracic Centre.

As well as urology, orthopaedic and general surgery departments, the scheme includes the first “Barn” operating theatre complex in the UK.

To bring a project of this size in on time and within cost is a major achievement – and one which is pretty rare in my experience.

Incorporating shared facilities but designed to meet the needs of two separate NHS Trusts, agreement was reached with all user groups on the schedule of accommodation, departmental positioning and adjacencies within just nine weeks. A fully-costed scheme was agreed 13 weeks later.

Early involvement pays dividends

Our early involvement and that of our supply chain allowed us to deliver a number of innovative cost-saving solutions. These included a 10% reduction in overall area and substantially reduced circulation space within departments.

Design leadership brings cost savings

By raising the ground floor level and repositioning the building a substantial cut and fill exercise was avoided and costly retaining walls removed from the design, while careful and well thought-out positioning of plant rooms minimised the major M&E distribution runs in the scheme.