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Our commitment to communities

We work in collaboration with our project partners to maximise the environmental and socio-economic benefits of our activities to local communities.

In addition to helping ensure we leave a legacy of enhanced skills and improved opportunities, this helps promote the standing of the industry and assists clients in meeting their wider social aspirations.

We work with trusts, local authority employment partners, regeneration agencies and charities to explore opportunities for those facing barriers into employment.

We also promote opportunities for local businesses and social enterprises. As well as contributing to the wider local economy, this approach positively impacts on the communities around our projects.

Committed to continuous improvement, we regularly review our community objectives, setting realistic, deliverable, long-term targets.

In all of our activities we will…

  • Show respect
  • Be considerate
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be inclusive
  • Invest in the community
  • Create training and employment opportunities
  • Be supportive

We engage with local suppliers and use local service organisations for the duration of our projects.

Through collaboration with our project partners we aim to maximise apprenticeship and employment opportunities for local people.

Bridgwater Community Hospital, Somerset

At our P21+ Bridgwater Community Hospital project, 65% of the services procured to date were sourced from within 50 miles.

Twelve new supply chain members were appointed and 100% of the Principal Supply Chain Members are based within a 50 mile radius of the project.

St Catherine’s Community Hospital, Birkenhead

The state-of-the-art new building has transformed the Church Road site, creating a major new centre for health and wider care services for the residents of Tranmere and Birkenhead. It will once again put this important site at the heart of the community.
Doug Baker, Head of Capital Projects and Premises Management, NHS Wirral

In support of our client’s aspiration for the wider regeneration of the St Catherine’s and Birkenhead area we maximised project expenditure with local businesses.

Major building packages including the building services, envelope and groundworks were awarded to companies within 20 miles of the site, resulting in more than £11m being reinvested in local businesses and the local community.

As well as liaising closely with the Tranmere Together residents working group, we worked with construction students from a local college, organising regular site visits to enhance their curriculum and provide an insight into the different stages of construction.

The Harbour Mental Health Unit, Blackpool

We are currently engaging with local suppliers and have allocated more than 70% of the £40m construction spend to local suppliers within a 30 mile radius of the site.

Fisher House, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

Through collaboration with our Trust client team we offered opportunities to local businesses. As a result, 87% of the supply chain were based within a 25 mile radius of the site, with 40 % of the subcontractors placing orders for the first time with IHP.

Hellingly Medium Secure Mental Health Unit - Sussex

Construction of the Hellingly Medium Secure Mental Health Unit resulted in the creation of 100 new jobs.