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Our commitment to communities

We work in collaboration with our project partners to maximise the environmental and socio-economic benefits of our activities to local communities.

In addition to helping ensure we leave a legacy of enhanced skills and improved opportunities, this helps promote the standing of the industry and assists clients in meeting their wider social aspirations.

We work with trusts, local authority employment partners, regeneration agencies and charities to explore opportunities for those facing barriers into employment.

We also promote opportunities for local businesses and social enterprises. As well as contributing to the wider local economy, this approach positively impacts on the communities around our projects.

Committed to continuous improvement, we regularly review our community objectives, setting realistic, deliverable, long-term targets.

In all of our activities we will…

  • Show respect
  • Be considerate
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be inclusive
  • Invest in the community
  • Create training and employment opportunities
  • Be supportive

We engage with local suppliers and use local service organisations for the duration of our projects.

Through collaboration with our project partners we aim to maximise apprenticeship and employment opportunities for local people.

Examples of community engagement